What Not to Pack: A Guide for the Amateur Vagabond

Because… we all have to start somewhere.

  • Your laptop

You are not attending a business convention. You are propelling yourself into the world, headfirst, and that laptop is pretty heavy. Unless you have a deadline to complete for your soon-to-be-widely-acclaimed novel, leave the machine at home. Do all the research you need before you depart. Trust us, you’ll be thankful when you’re sprinting to catch that regional train to Tibet and don’t have an extra robot to carry.

  • Your Shoe Collection

You’ll need one pair for running and one for walking. As long as you can trek into a jungle towards a waterfall and dominate a cobblestone hill up to abandoned castles, anything else is frivolous. Just make sure you can use a pair for dancing. Dancing is crucial and will be essential anywhere and everywhere your journeys take you.

  • Check-in Baggage

We know. We know. It’s going to be hard. The sooner you embrace it, the less it will hurt, like ripping off a band-aid. Ditch the seasonal clothing and learn about the power of layering – it will trim down your travel wardrobe. The best part? Not having to compete in an embarrassing wrestling match against your suitcase just to close the zipper.

  • Jewelry

If there is something especially meaningful to you, by all means, wear it proudly on your travels. Leave the rest at home. The costume jewelry does not need to come with you and will be happy to stay tangled up in the corner of your dresser as it has been for the past few years. Don’t worry – you’ll pick up bangles at the souk and find an old pocket watch in a shop hidden down a forgotten alleyway. Recounting traveling stories with what you’ve picked up along the way is so much more fun.

  • Inhibitions

You won’t need them wherever you’re going. You’ll see. The world is ready for you – it’s been preparing for your arrival its whole life. So toss the unnecessary baggage and make your way through the maze of experiences reserved for only a small percentage of the population – you included.


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